The rogue’s gallery!

Alan "The Gaffer" Shaw

The Gaffer!

The Gaffer!

Alan is the ‘daddy’ of the club and has largely presided over its running since it moved to Ewood Lane. He only took up the sport in his late 40s AFTER a hip replacement and still remains one of its most mobile members despite recently celebrating his 90th birthday. Trademark shot: the backhand drop shot just over the net into the opposing court, accompanied by a shout of “Yesssss….” as another opponent is left floundering.

Sandra “Squeeker” Simpson

300913-25Stalwart of the mixed team and Ladies’ captain. Also reigning ladies’ doubles champion of the NDBL, although she’s managed to get through four different doubles pairings in as many years, as partners fall mysteriously ill or leave the area. Trademark sound: a high-pitched shriek if a smash finds the net.

Ian ‘Silver-back’ Miller

Ian_MillerIan ‘Silver-back’ Miller, along with Alan, the club’s longest serving member. Trademark shot: the net-rush, where Ian charges towards his opponent, bellowing mightily, with racket held in front of his face. It occasionally works. Is reputed to get lots of extra work around Christmas, particularly when dressed in red.

Paul “Mr Finesse” Hackett

Paul_HackettFormer No 2 in the men’s team, his trademark shot is his short serve return played with horizontal racket, delivered in the style of a waiter serving canapés at a high class launch party.

Steve “The Shadowboxer” Larkin

Steve_LarkinSteve is our club captain and organises all our fixtures. Led the mixed team to the league and cup double last year.  Steve’s elaborate warm-up routine, where he destroys imaginary opponents on an empty court, is, we hope, a ploy to freak out league opponents and not the early signs of madness. Missing in action for most of the year due to “arm” problems (overuse he thinks), Steve keeps threatening to return!

Phil "OOH" Cooke

Phil_CookeWith his trademark sound effect of OOH for those “difficult to reach shots” (the ones Laurence couldn’t cover for him), and his directions on court “yours” & “cover the back for papa”, Phil is a big presence on the court and off it.